I am Late to the Party…Again

So I ignored my little blog for a few months.  And while ignoring that I also ignored my Twitter account.  Although I have been showing a little more TLC to my little hobby I really have no idea what is going on in the world of the awesome crazy people I follow on Twitter.

Then today I recieve an email that Zane Michaels is following me on Twitter.  I blinked vacantly at the email as I tried to figure out why I know that name.  And then it hit me.  Isn’t he Zane of AustinZane.com?  So I look at the picture and it sure is.  Wow.  I am feeling really special right now.  And then I read the bio under his Twitter photo and it says, “FORMER porn performer and author of new book….”  Yada, Yada.  I couldn’t get past the word, FORMER.  WTF?  I have yet to subscribe to any porn sites but I have looked around and AustinZane were the front runners for me simply because of the couple videos I saw of Austin and Zane together.  They have great chemistry and Zane always came across as so damn cute and happy.

But as of mid-September, Zane has left the porn industry and has written a book about his experience as a gay for pay porn star – Shame and Fortune.  And you know what?  I say good for him.  For whatever reason, that wasn’t the life for him anymore, and he made the decision to leave.  I can only imagine how hard it is to do that.  Particularly when he had what seemed to be a pretty lucrative career in the sex industry.

Fortunately for his fans (including me), Zane is still very active on Twitter and also seems to have retained many, if not all, of his friendships within the porn industry.  That just proves to me that although he may no longer be a performer he has not shunned the industry.  And for that I love him even more.

I will definitely be reviewing Shame and Fortune in the future.  I expect it to be a fascinating read. If you would like to know more about the book visit the Shame and Fortune site here and read his interview with Fleshbot here.

One thought on “I am Late to the Party…Again

  1. How cool! It’s always neat when you find out you’ve connected with a star!

    I went on vacation 2 years ago and met 2 survivor contentants, 1 from Rupauls drag race and 3 teams from Amazing Race! I’ve never met anyone before or since – but it was an awesome trip! (come to find out they were all going to a charity event in Louisville)

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