Chicago Pride 2012

I have wanted to attend a Pride Parade for a while now.  There are numerous reasons.  The most important reason was that I wanted to show my support.  Not that I was going to stand out or anything but it seemed like a small but fun way to stand in solidarity with the LGBT community. The more frivolous reasons would be to have a good time and people watch.

My ideal “first time” would have been to visit theColumbus,OHPride with a close friend of mine and her wife.  Unfortunately that festival fell on a weekend when we had prior commitments.   In the end I attended Chicago Pride with another close friend that was just as excited as me to attend her first parade.

So I head off to her house early Sunday morning.  I get to her house and walk in.  And as is always the case with everything with this friend, our first Pride experience was taken to the next level.

Friend:  So, instead of WATCHING the parade, do you want to be IN the parade?

Me: *deer in headlights stare*  Um…

Friend:  My friend just called and they need people to sit with them on the Nuns for Fun float.

I am trying to embrace life a little more than I have in the past.  My internal reaction to this opportunity was a big “Hell NO!”  That is what I would have said a year ago.  But you know what?  An opportunity like that only comes once in a lifetime and the new me realized that although I was afraid I needed to jump at the this chance.

So, yeah.  We were IN the 2012 Chicago Pride Parade.  And it was AWESOME!  Not going to lie.  I sometimes felt like we were impostors.  I mean, why were a couple of straight girls in the parade?  But we weren’t the only straight people in the parade.  There were people of ALL orientations in the parade and in the crowd.  And we were all there to show pride and support for the LGBT community and it was GRAND.  In the end we had a wonderful time and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if given the chance.

The only downside to our amazing day?  I didn’t get to see all of the parade.  The plan for next year is to sit on the sidelines and drink up while I enjoy the sweaty drunkenness of the crowd and watch all the floats glide by.  Until then, enjoy some of the photos I was able to take during the frivolity and chaos.

Sister Vicky was a HUGE hit with the Crowd. Watch out. She might get you with that ruler.

Sister Vicky is one of the stars of Chicago’s long running Late Night Catechism. Yes, this is the float we were with!

Chicago Outfit Roller Derby. Of course, my girlfriend knew these ladies as she used to be a skater for Windy City Rollers, another Chicago derby team.

My former employer. I may not have been a big fan of working there but I have to say that their Pride Alliance bus was fantastic. And I fully admit I want the t-shirts.

Supporters took turns standing by this sign. There was something about this particular girl that really stood out.

This group from Eastern Illinois University was behind us during the parade. They were having a ton of fun keeping the crowd entertained.

We interacted with the crowd through out the parade route. These boys, in particular, won me over with their boisterous drunkeness and air kisses. Seriously. I was half tempted to hop off the float and spend the day with them drinking booze and loving life.

Until Next Year!

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