Weekend Travels: Sex-Positive and Modern Day Feminist Role Models

I posted about discovering the wonderful Tristan Taormino this past week.  Here are some sites that I have recently discovered thanks to her….

Visit Tristan’s sex-positive salon at http://puckerup.com

I heard Kate Bornstein on SexOutLoud this week.  According to her blog and memoir, she is a Queer and Pleasant danger.  After hearing her on the radio, I would venture to agree.   http://katebornstein.typepad.com/

I learned about www.smittenkittenonline.com from Hey Epiphora.  They are an amazing sex-positive shop that sells ethically made toys and ethically made porn to all genders and orientations.

The amazing sex-positive feminist,Susie Bright, and her daughter Aretha Bright won me over while they were on Tristan’s show.  Check out her blog and fall a little in love with her no-nonsense attitude. http://www.susiebright.com/




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