Conversations With My Partner in Crime #1

This conversation just happened.  Quick background.  My porn preference is gay porn or bi with guy on guy action.  Partner in Crime prefers het and lesbian porn.

Me: I am so disturbed.  I just saw a pic on Twitter of three guys penetrating one guy’s asshole.  Shit you see when you follow porn stars…

Partner in Crime: And you just had to share?  And you chose me to share it with?

Me: Yes.  And Yes.  I should be able to share all this shit with you.

Partner in Crime: Just so long as you equally share boobies and vajayjay.  And girl ass.

Me: Um, but then I have to watch that.  How about you tell me about vaginas, tits and assholes and I’ll tell you about penises and assholes?

Me: I am so blogging this conversation.


And so I did.  You’re welcome.



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