A while back we spent the weekend with friends.  They had invited over a couple  very young friends that we hadn’t met yet in the hope that those two young people would hook up.  The night was full of drunken frivolity and ridiculous conversations you only hear from the very young.  You know, because I am so ancient.  At one point in the evening Young Person #1 was sitting on Young Person #2’s lap and let one rip.  What does Young Person #2 say?  “That’s really hot that you feel comfortable enough around me already to do that.”  It was amusing.  Not as amusing as they thought but, hey, to each their own.

I probably would have never thought of that conversation again if hadn’t shared this gem:

Yes, there are people out there that get turned on by farts.  Which of course made me wonder if there was a name for such a thing.  And of course there is.  According the :

Eproctophilia, or Fart fetishism, is the sexual attraction to human flatulence, mainly heterosexual males attracted to female flatulence. Fart fetishism is sometimes seen as a softer form of coprophilia*.

Want to know more?  Read this older blog post on the subject.  A blog post that started with a seemingly forgettable comment like the one I was party to.  The post is well written and fascinating and funny.  Who knew James Joyce was such a dirty bastard?

It’s A Windy Kind of Love

As for me?  I think I will continue to tuck the covers tightly around me and/or my Partner in Crime anytime one of us disgraces our bedroom with noxious gases.



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