Weekend Travels: How Do I Get this Gig?

Here are some blogs I stumbled across while hanging out on Twitter this week.  I am probably the last to know that there are amazing people out there that receive free sex toys for review.  I might be the last but at least I am FINALLY in the know.  Damn, could I be anymore innocent?  Wait, don’t answer that.

You can safely assume anything you see here is NSFW…


Piph might be my hero of the week.  Or month.  Maybe even year.  Her reviews are very informative and VERY entertaining.

Our friend at A Bedroom Blog reviews toys too.  She won me over with this, “I stick things in my vagina and talk about them on the internet.  I say fuck a lot.  I am clearly NSFW.”

A Couple of Wankers:  a m/f couple that review toys and other things.  I love them.  I puffy heart them.  In some ways I want to be them.  In some ways….


Let’s give these bloggers a well deserved slow clap for sticking devices in their vagina or on their penis and then telling the world about it.  I, for one, am exceedingly grateful.


Have a great weekend and enjoy your travels!



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