WTF is Kink?

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My Partner in Crime finds it highly arousing (and amusing) that I have started this blog.  And since my Partner in Crime is so enamored with me doing this I asked for ideas.  The very first thing out of his mouth?

“If you are going to explore your sexuality and blog about it, you should explore some kink.”

Looking back on that conversation, what was he trying to say?  Does he think I am kinky?  Does he want me to be kinkier?  Hmmm, a conversation we will no doubt have later.

The important question is this:   How in the hell is this sexually naive thirty-something going to blog about kink?

I never really considered myself kinky.  If I hear of something that sounds like a total turn on and I think my Partner in Crime will be interested, then we go with it.  Are any of those things we’ve done considered kinky?  I have no fucking clue.  Fortunately, I have this trusty (and scary) thing called the internet.  And what did I learn about kink?

Well, defines kink as:

  • bizarre or unconventional sexual preferences or behavior.
  • a person characterized by such preferences or behavior.

That definition did NOT provide enough information for my very curious mind so I kept searching and found a fascinating article at Make Love Not War.  In their article, Get a Little Freaky: Kink and Fetish, they provide in depth descriptions for both kink and fetish and then explain how they intertwine. The below was taken directly from the article:

“Kink captures a broad range of unconventional sex. Some kinks are easier to get into than others. Kink can mean fetish, role play, and dress up. It can also mean submission, sadism (S&M aka pain inflicted sex), and bestiality. Let just say that there are different levels of kink. You just have to find what suits you.”

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 Ok, now we are getting somewhere.  The definition of kink will probably change depending on who you ask but I think I can safely say that kink is going to be anything YOU think is outside the norm of what YOU define as conventional sex.  I know what I consider conventional sex so I now know if things I have done are kinky or not.  And no, I am not telling you more than that!  At least not today.

What I can tell you is that now that I have sort of a baseline as to what kink is or can be,  I have something to work with when I write my next WTF blog post.


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