Who Wants To See My Junk?

Just when I think I am becoming more experienced and more worldly something completely takes me by surprise.  Most recently my innocence was taken when reading this post by The Bloggess .  Because, you know, she is a defiler of innocents.

It made me laugh.  One, because the Bloggess knows how to tell a fucking hilarious story.  Two, because I thought, “Ha, that doesn’t really happen as often as she is insinuating.”

So I send The Bloggess’s link to my old manager from the old days when I worked in benefits.  Her response?  “This is so funny because I just had to deal with this for the first time last week.”

What. The. Fuck.

Apparently professionals showing off their junk is much more common than I realized.  Just enjoy these wonderful articles I found online.

Ohio city employee, Rich Vild apparently was involved in a “show your private parts” contest with other co-workers.

With a name like Anthony Weiner, this was bound to happen.

Check out this UW instructor and stock broker.  I am all for the cross dressing.  But the girls at the women’s clothing store don’t want to see your cock and balls.

I am sure I could find more but why beat a dead horse with a stick.  Boys like to show us their penises.  I, for one, like to see their penises – but on my terms, not theirs.


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