2012 Naval Academy Herndon Monument Climb

I am sure this all over the blogosphere but I had to share too.

This tradition, where first year plebes celebrate the end of their first year at the US Naval Academy by climbing a greased up monument to replace the sailor hat with an officers cap, has been a tradition for years and years.

And all I can say is that the Naval Academy should sell tickets.  They would make a fortune.

I can guarantee that my girlfriends and I  would be there to ogle this mountain of lube and man flesh.

And yes I know that there are girls there, but that isn’t the focus of these photos.  However, that does beg the important question, why are there so few women in Naval Academy.  A question that can and should be discussed at a later date.

Right now I am just going to enjoy the beautiful sexiness that proves my tax dollars have been hard at work.

For more pictures check out this Huffington Post article or better yet check out series of photos at dannation.org

My favorite comment from the Huffington Post article?

“sure, there’s nothing homoerotic about this Navy tradition……greased up dudes climbing a greased pole…..”

Hell yes it’s homoerotic.  And I LOVE it!



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