Did This Just Happen?

Did I really just start a blog about romance, erotica and porn?  I am not a professional in any of those areas.  I don’t even know how to play a professional on the internet.

What was I thinking?

Hmm…That question is not as easy to answer as I thought it would be.  I initially wanted this to be a place to review erotica and adult romance.  I am a book blogger in my other life but erotica doesn’t fit in with that blogs target audience.  And then I realized that I didn’t necessarily want to limit myself to book reviews.  I also wanted an outlet to ramble and rant about love, romance, erotica, sex and any combination of those things.

I am both a romance whore and a voyeur.  I like to read about and watch people holding hands, kissing, and yes, even having sex.  It’s all just so romantic and lovely and hot.  One thing that I can tell you for sure is that you will find me frequently sharing pictures of hot people and people being hot.  Boys.  Girls.  Girls with boys.  Boys with girls.  Girls with girls.  Boys with boys.  Boys with boys and girls.  Etc.  Needless to say, you will definitely find some sexually charged reviews, posts, pictures and links on this site.  I haven’t decided yet if I will try to keep things safe for work or if you can expect to see breasts, vaginas and cocks.  The jury is still out.  I guess we will just see how this pans out.

Here is a sample of what you WILL see here:



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