Porn Commentary and Review – Elijah and Cole’s Bi- Tag Team (Corbin Fisher)

This is my first Corbin Fisher purchase AND my first porn review.  Why Corbin Fisher?  Well I wanted to buy something that the Partner in Crime and I could both enjoy.  And a little m/m/f action seemed like the perfect compromise. 

Before reading my thoughts, read Corbin Fisher’s description of the action.  His video summaries are so hot that sometimes you don’t even need the video 😉

Real Time Thoughts: 

– And here is why I like porn sites like this.  There’s a bit of an intro where our camera man introduces our three co-eds – Chloe, Cole and Elijah – and then they get right to the action.

– I like that about the three minute mark, the guy behind the camera nicely reprimands these co-eds for being so silent.  Here’s hoping the action gets going because dirty sex noises are what really turn me on.

– Hey!  It’s been a minute and there is still no noise.  Come on!

– Oh okay.  Elijah is getting into it.  But then I think he is the real pro in this threesome.

– I am not going to pretend to not notice that when Elijah and Cole first kiss they both forget to even touch Chloe.  Um, yeah.  Why is she even in the room?

– Cole is licking Chloe’s pussy and she is sucking Elijah’s cock yet she doesn’t seem to be enjoying either.  And Cole looks like he knows what he is doing down there…why isn’t she more excited?

– Cole forgets all about Chloe when he touches Elijah.  Almost like it’s been too long since he’s had some cock.  Poor Cole.

– Lots of heavy breathing….with the exception of Chloe.  She is too calm and quiet.  She doesn’t seem to be getting anything out of this scene at all.  This makes me sad.  This whole scenario is my wildest fantasy.  Have some appreciation, Chloe!

– 9:32 mark and Chloe finally gets some cock action.  And I THINK she enjoyed it.  We finally heard a little bit out of her.  And Cole has forgotten all about Elijah while he is fucking Chloe.

– OMG.  The kissing between Elijah and Cole while Cole fucks Chloe is fucking hotter than shit…

– Oh by the way, lots of moaning from Cole at this point.

– Ok.  This video might be worth watching just to watch Cole grab Elijah’s ass with one hand, Chloe’s hair with the other all while trying to keep Elijah’s cock in his mouth and fucking Chloe at the same time.  Go Cole!

– Chloe seems to really enjoying this part since she doesn’t have to worry about anyone else.  And that smack on her ass by Cole was a nice touch.

– Why is Elijah just standing there doing nothing?  His cock is in Cole’s mouth.  Fuck his mouth, brother!  Or at least thrust a little bit.

– There is a cut in film at the 13:14 mark.  And then Elijah is laying down, lubed up, waiting for Cole to sit on his cock – reverse cowgirl (what do you call that when it’s guy on guy?  Same thing?).  Come on boys.  Can we heat up the screen a little bit more?

– It takes Cole a little bit to take all of Elijah’s cock and then get used to it.  But then he leans back on his arms crab walk style and let’s Elijah do the work….and here we go.  Yep, he’s enjoying it.

– I THINK Chloe is back there kissing Elijah but it’s the Cole show right now.

– Oh, yep, there she is.

– And Cole comes first while riding Elijah’s dick.  No surprise there.  He seems to be the only one truly enjoying himself.

– Holy Shit!  Did he just rub his cum all over his balls?  Yes, yes he did.  Oh, Cole.  I like you very, very much.

– Aww.  How nice of Chloe to give Cole a much needed come down kiss.  I would have done the same.  He worked hard for it.

– Another break around the 16:30 mark.  Now Elijah is fucking the hell out of Chloe while Cole strokes his cock in the background.  I am not even sure why I am pretending to watch Elijah and Chloe.  Cole has won 110% of my attention.

– Well that didn’t take long at all.  Did Chloe cum?  If she did, they aren’t sharing.  Pfft.

– Now Cole swoops into give Elijah a sexy comforting kiss.  And then they all three share a kiss….how sweet.


Unfortunately, Cole wasn’t enough to make me truly enjoy this video.  There are too many things I didn’t like.  Particularly the lack of interest paid to Chloe.  Oh sure, the boys kissed her and played with her tits a little bit.  Hell, Cole even went down on her and both boys fucked her.  But with all that, it just didn’t look like she wanted to be there.  And it didn’t help that the camera paid little attention to her.  Yes, I know that Corbin Fisher is a gay porn site but this IS a bi- video which means I don’t think I am asking too much when I say the girl deserves just as much pleasure and on-screen attention as the guys.

This is the part of porn that is difficult for me.  Finding a video (gay, straight or bi-) where all parties are enjoying themselves.  Too many times people look bored while filming and if they don’t seem to be enjoying themselves, I feel a little dirty watching.

I am not writing off Corbin Fisher’s bi- videos yet.  This was only one out of many that they have filmed AND it was an older one at that.  I just hope that any video I watch in the future will include actors that are ALL enjoying themselves as much as Cole was enjoying himself in this scene. 

If the thought of Cole riding Elijah and then massaging cum into his sack is enough for you to look past the good time Chloe isn’t having, then I recommend this movie. 

The Elijah and Cole’s Bi Tag Team is available for download at CF Select.

The Anally Challenged

So….Anal sex.  Yeah, I was never really interested.  It looked painful. And kind of dirty.   Not in a “ooh that’s too naughty” sort of dirty but more of a “that’s not very hygienic” sort of dirty.  But after 10 years of turning around and exclaiming, “Hey! Wrong hole, buddy!” I decided that I was ready to take on a little anal action.

Why the change?  What made me think, “Hmm, a cock in EITHER hole might be really hot,”?  Erotica.  The written word is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?  Something that sounded painful to my uneducated mind for all of these years all of a sudden became desirable and sexy.  My husband thanks erotica everyday for my constantly growing desires in the bedroom.

But it wasn’t as simple as jumping right in.  How could it be?  I KNEW it was going to hurt.  I mean, come on.  It’s not like there is any natural lubrication back there.  And how did we begin?  I felt like I needed a beginner’s manual.  Fortunately, there are numerous people on the internet that want to educate the world on how to have enjoyable anal sex.  So I Googled the shit (no pun intended) out of the subject and made a mental plan.

First we started with the dirty talk.  You know; where we TALKED about me taking it in the ass.  Not gonna lie.  It was hot.  Still is hot, actually.  Dirty talk is fabulous.  Post for another day, I think.  The talking went on for months.  Because let’s be honest.  I was scared shitless (again, no pun intended).

Then the husband took off on an extended business trip.  And let’s just say I was bored.  And horny.  A bored and horny me is apparently quite adventurous.  Out came the anal lube (that we had bought but not used yet) and the vibrator that I (we) never used.  I took my time and holy fuck.  It was amazing.  Not only was it amazing, it was fun to tell the partner in crime what I had been up to 😉

Finally the business trip was over.  We tried a couple times with the vibrator and both found that double penetration is wonderful indeed.  But our vibrator is smaller than the real deal and it took a few more months before I decided I was ready for the next and ultimate step.

And then I decided that I was ready.  We made a trip to our local sex shop and bought some toys to ease our way into the final phase.

This one for me: 

This one for him:

I should really see if the Partner in Crime will write his review on this not so recommended product…

And this for us:

These calmed my overly OCD tendencies….

On the big night, we used the Tushy Teasers.  They were meh for me (we might discuss later how they were for him).  We skipped the plugs and moved to the vibrator and then…holy shit that hurt!  Yeah, we did it.  We took our time.  And I was fine until the last couple inches.  Then it just hurt like hell.  And I was getting tired and wanted to be done.  Poor partner in crime was more than willing to keep going slow and was very encouraging.  He is awesome like that.  But it hurt and I am a big baby so I made him stop.  Well I did let him come first – I am such a giver, right?

All in all it wasn’t a horrible experience.  But it wasn’t a good experience either.  And I definitely learned a few things.

1) I enjoyed it (until the end).

2) I think that I want to try it again.

3) I need to be less ambitious and work my way up a little more slowly.

4) When we do it again I will be sure to use an enema before hand.  Yes, it was recommended to me and I decided to ignore that advice.  Never again.

So at this point I still consider myself anally challenged.  Not forever though.  We’ll get there again and I am determined that next time will be a 110% success.

Gambling Men by Amy Lane

Quent Jackson has followed Jason Spade’s every move in business and in poker since their first day as college freshmen. Eight years later, when Jace finally decides Quent is the one man he can’t live without, he sees no reason for that to change.

But as much as Jace believes that poker is life, no one gave Quent the same playbook. After their first passionate night, the real game of love and trust begins, and Jace has been playing alone too long to make teaching the rules easy. Jace only speaks two languages: one of them is sex, and the other one is poker. Between the two, he needs to find a way to convince himself to take a chance on love—and Quent to take a chance on him. It’s a lucky thing they’re good at reading the odds, because they’re playing for keeps, and this is one high-stakes relationship that’s definitely worth the gamble.


Any time I pick up an Amy Lane book, I plan on reading it twice – the first time to devour and the second time to savor.  The exception being Chase in Shadow in which I savored the first time around – which means I must be one sick masochistic fuck since Chase’s story is so emotionally brutal and heartbreaking.  But that is all beside the point.

The point is that Gambling Men has a distinction from my other Amy Lane favorites (which if I am to be honest is all of them).  That distinction is that I have lost track of how many times I have re-read it.  No small feat considering it was released less than three months ago.

Gambling Men has become a comfort read for me.  Those days when I want to get away in a book but don’t want to exercise the commitment and dedication necessary when starting a new story I just pick up Gambling Men and lose myself in Jace and Quent.

This is one of Amy’s sexier books.  Which shouldn’t be a surprise when you have a character that only knows how to communicate via poker and sex. The hot magic time between these two men will make you audibly gasp, sigh and moan.

Jace’s desire to completely own Quent is nothing short of intense.  And it’s not just sexually.  It’s small moments like this one:

 “Except he didn’t want Quent to wear his own clothes.  Jace wanted Quent to wear his clothes.  Jace didn’t want anyone else looking at Quentin and thinking, That could be mine!”

Moments like these give you a peek into the possessiveness Jace feels for Quent.  Although not a trait I normally admire in my heroes, it works so well because of Quent’s patience and willing submissiveness.

And don’t think Quent doesn’t enjoy it:

“Now?” he squeaked, but Jace’s hands were undoing his belt, and before he knew it, his (Jace’s) slacks were around his knees with his (Jace’s) boxers, and don’t think knowing that he’d been wearing Jace’s clothes like an owned man hadn’t been turning Quent on all day.

But Quent isn’t always the submissive in this relationship.  He takes charge when it’s important and when it counts.  There are a number of scenes where he takes control in order to show Jace how important he is and how much he loves him.  Something that Jace, even being the confident and dominant shark that he is, constantly doubts.

I loved both of these boys but Quent holds a very special place in my heart.  I am not sure how it would be possible to not fall in love with Quentin.   But I might just feel that way because in many ways I married a Quentin.  How lucky am I, right?

In the end, there is no big plot to solve.  This is a story of two people navigating a new relationship and learning to turn it into a long-term commitment; which is something I think so many of us can understand.  And can I just say that the way these boys show their commitment blows any traditional marriage ceremony and vows out of the water.

If you couldn’t tell, I love this book and can’t recommend it enough.  If you are a fan of m/m romances, read this one.  It’s absolutely lovely.

Although not the Jace and Quent in my head, these boys are pretty darn close.